profileI am an academic and engineer specialising in Computational Aerodynamics, High Performance Computing (HPC) and turbulence modelling. I am a Senior Researcher in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Previous to these positions I worked in Formula 1 with the Lotus F1 team (now Renault F1) and I currently work with Formula 1 Management and the FIA on the 2021 technical regulation changes. I am passionate about developing and applying the next generation of models and tools to enable an entirely virtual engineering design process. For the past 3 years I have also been a core part of the British Cycling 2020 Tokyo Olympics bike development program.

My main research areas are in the Aerospace (subsonic/hypersonic) and Automotive sectors although I do quite a bit of work with motorsports and cycling.  stream4I am a chartered engineer through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and participate in a number of AIAA working groups including the High-Lift Prediction Workshop and the NASA/AIAA Turbulence Modelling Resource Website.

I recently setup the first ever Oxford University Formula Student team - you can follow their progress here. I was also the chair of the Tenth International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD10) . In 2019 I'm organising the 1st Automotive CFD Prediction Workshop which aims to help academia and industry to understand future research directions and best-practices for the automotive community. You can learn more about the workshop here. I also lead the EPSRC UK Fluids Network High-Speed Computational Fluid Dynamics group.

I enjoy contributing to various media outlets about more general science and technology developments, please see my articles page for recent publications.

Talking about the Solar Impulse plane on BBC Breakfast show

Talking about the Solar Impulse plane on the BBC Breakfast show