Publications & Talks

Invited Talks

  • July 2023 - 18th OpenFOAM Conference - Keynote - title TBD
  • April 2023 - Invited Keynote: 22nd International Computational Fluids Conference (CFC2023), Cannes - The role of Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and HPC in the advancement of high-fidelity CFD for industry
  • March 2023 - NASA Ames Research Centre AMS Seminar Series - How Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing are accelerating adoption of HRLES & WRLES methods for industry (link to video).
  • March 2023 - MIT ACDL Seminar Series - The role of cloud-computing, machine learning and HPC in in the advancement of high-fidelity CFD for industry.
  • August 2021 - Aerovehicles international conference (invited keynote) - Summary of the 2nd automotive CFD prediction workshop
  • April 2021 - SAE World Congress (invited Keynote) - The role of cloud computing and Machine Learning in next generation CFD for vehicle aerodynamicists
  • December 2020 - NASA Ames Research Centre AMS Seminar Series - High-Fidelity CFD in the Cloud – Thoughts and Perspectives -
  • June 2020 - 15th OpenFOAM Workshop (Virginia Tech) - Keynote: Enabling High-Fidelity CFD on the Cloud through AWS
  • January 2020 - Oxford University Aeronautical Society - Turbulence and Aerodynamics - enabling a greener future
  • November 2019 - International Society for Computational Fluid Dynamics - Towards High-Fidelity CFD in the Automotive Sector
  • October 2019 - University of Oxford Scientific Society - Turbulence and Aerodynamics - enabling a greener future
  • September 2019 - IMechE Simulation and Modelling Conference - Future of CFD in Industry
  • June 2019 - Amazon Web Services - Future of CFD and opportunities for the cloud
  • February 2019 - Gdansk University - Industrial Hybrid RANS-LES Applications
  • October 2018 - Oxford Sparks podcast - Stories from the field
  • November 2017 - Airbus DiPart 2017 -  Verification and validation of OpenFOAM for high-lift aircraft flows
  • November 2017 - Supercomputing 2017 (Lenovo) - Improved aerodynamics using HPC
  • May 2017 - ParCFD 2017 -  High-fidelity industrial simulations in OpenFOAM on ARCHER - perspectives on the need for exa-scale
  • October 2016 - NAFEMS Hybrid RANS-LES Seminar -  Hybrid RANS-LES –Automatic Mesh Refinement (AMR) and HPC Considerations
  • August 2016 - Oxford-Royale Summer School -  Motivational talk for 16-18 year Oxford summer school students on turbulence and finding a fun career in science and engineering
  • May 2016 - NASA Ames Research Centre AMS Seminar Series -  Recent experiences of modeled-stress-depletion using DDES and IDDES for the 30P30N three-element airfoil
  • February 2016 - TEDx Oxford -  Turbulence, Finding Order in Chaos
  • February 2016 - High Performance Computing & Big Data 2016 conference (invited talk) -  Developing an Improved Aerodynamic Design Process for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries using HPC
  • February 2016 - Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT) - Towards an entirely virtual design process: The challenge for turbulence modeling
  • September 2015 - University of Manchester - Engaging with US Academia and Industry for aerospace research
  • May 2015 - Oxford University E-Research Centre - Towards an entirely virtual engineering design process: The challenge for turbulence modeling
  • February 2015 - Boeing R&D, Computational Challenges for aerodynamic design in Formula 1
  • February 2015 - NASA Ames Research Centre, Computational Challenges for aerodynamic design in Formula 1
  • October 2014 - Gdansk University, Embedded hybrid RANS-LES approaches.
  • August 2014 - Toro Rosso Formula 1 Team, Application of Elliptic Blending models for complex geometries.
  • March 2014 - NASA Ames Research Centre, An Embedded Hybrid RANS-LES Approach for 3D Separated Flows.
  • March 2014 - University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) - Faculty of Engineering, An Embedded Hybrid RANS-LES Approach for 3D Separated Flows.
  • March 2014 - Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), Aero-acoustic prediction of a 3-element airfoil using hybrid RANS-LES methods.
  • October 2013 - Oxford University - Faculty of Engineering, Overview of recent Hybrid RANS-LES developments at the University of Manchester.


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Journal and Conference Papers


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Magazine/Newspaper articles

  • Ashton, N., 'How Safe is Your Plane?' BBC Focus Magazine, August 2016
  • Ashton, N., 'More than a load of hot air?' BBC Focus Magazine, March 2016
  • Ashton, N., 'Flying Solar' BBC Focus Magazine, August 2015
  • Ashton, N., 'A New Dawn for NASA' BBC Focus Magazine, March 2015
  • Ashton, N., 'How to build a 1000mph Supercar' Science Uncovered, Future Publishing, June 2014